Sugar Bomb Punch®

THC Bomb X (Critical Orange Punch x Bubba Island Kush)
Yield: XXL
Type: Indica
THC: Extremely High
Harvest Time: 9 Weeks


The beauty of glistening trichomes on cannabis plants is undeniably appealing. Some strains stand out with their frost-like appearance. Sugar Bomb Punch cannabis seed is a prime example. This strain, rich in shimmering trichomes storing cannabinoids, displays an impressive sparkle.

The genetics in Sugar Bomb Punch are derived from the cross between THC Bomb and a unique blend of Critical Orange Punch and Bubba Island Kush. This unique genetic mix produces a strain with over 20% THC content. The result? A deeply relaxing couch-lock effect, coupled with flowers heavy with dense, shining trichomes.

Sugar Bomb Punch is an Indica-dominant strain. It grows swiftly, much like a compact heavyweight champion. Surprisingly, it matures into full bloom in merely nine weeks, although, you might notice the leaves darkening as they reach full maturity.

Sugar Bomb Punch exhibits four different phenotypes. Keep an eye on the smallest one from the bunch. Although she appears on the smaller side, be warned – size isn’t everything here. Her buds are extraordinarily dense, moist, and incredibly potent.

As for yield, don’t be fooled by their size. The buds might appear small, but they pack a punch. A small bud that might initially appear sufficient for a single joint could easily serve two once ground.

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