Wedding Cake X Animal Cookies
Yield: XL
Type: Hybrid
THC: Extremely High
Harvest Time: 8 Weeks


Derived from Dutch Passion, Meringue is a feminized cannabis seed born from crossbreeding between two American strains – Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies. The result is a ‘dessert’ cannabis strain, reminiscent of the famously sweet strains from the US that have gained much recognition lately.

The Meringue cannabis plant demonstrates robust growth and rapid flowering, producing a generous yield of compact, resin-filled, and aromatic buds.

Meringue, the cannabis strain, has a high potency of THC leading to a strong euphoric impact, transitioning subsequently into a lasting, enriching relaxation. It holds an extra sweet aroma and flavor profile, filled with fruity notes that hint at homemade meringue.

In conclusion, Meringue is a comprehensive specimen for cannabis growers seeking a good yield, superior sweet flavor, and potent psychedelic effects.

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