CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X CBD Auto Compassion Lime
Yield: L
Type: Sativa
THC: Low
Harvest Time: 13 Weeks


CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® predominantly sativa, is Dutch Passion’s inaugural strain, notable for its high CBD and minimal THC levels, designed with medicinal use in mind. The strain’s genetics are derived from CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Compassion Lime. Maturing to a height of 100cm, it offers a robust yield in 70-91 days. This strain is entirely medicinal, devoid of psychedelic or other side effects. It exhibits a THC content under 1%, with CBD levels at 16%. The smoke flaunts a flavor profile of earthy and fruity notes. The strain promotes a gentle, contented effect. CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel was the prestigious recipient of the 1st prize in the “CBD” category at the 2019 Highlife Cup.

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