Critical Orange Punch

Critical X (Grandaddy Purps X Orange Bud)
Yield: XXL
Type: Hybrid
THC: High
Harvest Time: 8 Weeks


The Critical Orange Punch seed strain is an exceptional outcome of meticulous breeding. It descends from a powerhouse lineage, comprising Critical, Grandaddy Purps, and Orange Bud. This superior feminized strain boasts incredible flavor profiles and bountiful yield. It’s a user-friendly plant for novice growers, thriving in all environmental conditions and under various cultivation techniques. The plant can reach heights of 150 cm and, within 49-56 days, offers generous harvests of potent, resin-enriched buds.

The flavor profile of Critical Orange Punch marries pungent citrus and fruity hints with Afghan hash accents, resulting in subtle earthy tones. At times, smokers may discern creamy or berry nuances. Its smoke ushers in a euphorically robust high. This strain comes highly recommended for commercial cultivators and beginners alike due to its potentially abundant and effortless harvest.

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